At Perry Boyce, we believe top quality home goods and textiles shouldn't be out of a modern professional's price range. That’s why we’ve developed a lifestyle brand that offers high-caliber products that both you and I can afford. By using the finest hand-poured materials and crafting our items in small batches, we’re able to achieve our vision of giving style conscious individuals access to an affordable urban luxury lifestyle.

About Us:

I’ve always had a strong desire to make luxury home items more affordable. I created Perry Boyce to do just that. I was tired of seeing outlandish prices attached to beautiful home goods, gifts, and textiles, so I set to work designing a range of products that are unique, functional and of the highest quality.

I’ve combined my passion for chic street style and my understanding of business to bring you a unique line that I know you’ll love. Every day, I’m on the hunt for new ways to make Perry Boyce your favorite online lifestyle store.