At Perry Boyce, we firmly believe that top quality home goods and textiles should not be out of a modern professional's price range. That is why we have developed a lifestyle brand that offers products of high-calibre quality, while still being light on the pocket for you, me and our fellow consumers. Our current offering includes scented candles and room sprays, as well as bath salts and couple of funky kits- perfect for gifting.

Our products offer an on-trend take on everyday home products, offering clients the modern style of home living through collective themes and settings. The main purpose of our brand is to create affordable luxury home goods, while still maintaining that certain standard of quality that has been set by bigger and more expensive brands.


Tracey Boyce, Founder & Creative Director

Tracey Boyce, Founder & Creative Director

“I’ve always had a strong desire to make luxury home items more affordable. I created Perry Boyce to do just that. I was tired of seeing what I deemed “insane” prices attached to beautiful home goods & gifts so I set to work designing a range of products that are unique, functional and of the highest quality. I’ve combined my passion for affordable street style and my understanding of business to bring you a unique line that I know you’ll love.”


Tracey Boyce is a visual artist, as well as the founder and creative director of Perry Boyce, fragrances & gifts for the home. She completed her BFA at LIU Brooklyn and holds an Associates degree in graphic design & illustration from Kingsborough community college. Born and raised in Brooklyn, you can find Tracey working on her laptop at a local cafe, brainstorming her next product idea while devouring her latest pastry obsession