Giving style conscious individuals access to affordable urban luxury Products.

S T A Y  B R O O K L Y N


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Mission Statement:

At Perry Boyce, we believe top quality home goods and textiles shouldn't be out of a modern professional's price range. That’s why we’ve developed a lifestyle brand that offers high-caliber products you and I can afford. By using the finest hand-poured materials and crafting our items in small batches, we’re able to achieve our vision of giving style conscious individuals access to affordable urban luxury products.


About Us:

Perry Boyce was born out of a strong desire to make luxury home items affordable for consumers. Tired of seeing outlandish prices attached to beautiful home goods, gifts, and textiles, owner Tracey Boyce set to work designing a range of products that were unique, functional and of the highest quality. 

Drawing on years of experience working in various industries within NYC, Tracey combines her passion for business and her understanding of upscale street style to deliver a unique line her customers love. Today, she continues to look for new ways of surpassing the expectations of those who visit her online store.

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